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KWK is known for innovative packaging solutions for more than 60 years now. We want to highlight our experience in supplying packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. Our services cover all aspects of the supply of injection moulded packaging items:

Mould shop
Clean Room
Application Assistance

Product development, Mould design

Product development, Mould designProduct development, Mould design Based on customer specific requirements and the support of advanced CAD systems, closure designs and respective moulds are developed in the R&D department by our skilled and experienced technicians since more than 60 years now.

Moulds used for production in the moulding department are based on in-house designs, which we improve constantly based on the latest available technologies. Feedback from the production department and the mould maintenance are a further input to make moulds more and more reliable

Patents and rewards prove the competence of our design department.

Mould manufacturing

Mould manufacturingMould manufacturing In house mould manufacturing in Kremsmünster ensures flexibility, speed and quality in building prototype and production tools for injection moulding.

State of the art tooling technology with computer controlled machine tools allow the production of moulds with very low tolerances to guarantee a long lifetime of the mould and the production of high quality parts. In-house tooling facilities give the possibility of:

  • using feedback information from injection moulding to tool design to improve moulding efficiencies
  • quick repair to ensure flexibility and reliability of production
  • proper mould care and maintenance to ensure long lifetime of moulds

We have standard housings for pilot moulds, which are not soft-moulds. They have the quality of production moulds and are often helpful to:

  • to simulate production conditions
  • perform tests regarding sorting and capping behaviour
  • produce relatively high quantities for line trials and marketing samples
  • based on results of pilot production the production tool can be finished, ensuring that moulds will work from the first trial
  • perform compliance tests for weight and measurement, shrinkage
  • perform compliance tests with bottle-neck dimensions

The commitment to quality is not only a major issue within the production departments. The quality of the part design and mould design has a huge influence to achieve a capable mould-process and therefor quality management starts at the beginning of every new project.

The development, the tool design, the tool making, the injection moulding and the quality department are working together as a close team to maximise the output of development projects.


All production is concentrated in our plant at Kremsmünster, Austria. An injection moulding department, assembling department and decoration produce high quality packaging parts using newest technology.

Injection moulding

Injection moldingInjection molding The following key elements ensure the production of injection moulded parts on a high level:

  • we are using exclusively approved resin and colour grades, where the resin is stored in silos and transported to the machine pneumatically. The colour blending is done directly in the machine.
  • state-of-the-art injection moulding machines, controlled by microprocessors ensure a constant high level of production quality
  • robotics and automated ancillary equipment for part handling and automated quality checks are implemented
  • a computer-aided monitoring system of production parameters of every mould cycle has been developed to our demands end enables us to trace back the root cause of every defect caused by the process. It is also helpful to optimise the process.
  • laminar flow equipment for clean production, pharmaceutical packaging or food packaging

Clean room

Clean roomClean room In 2008 our production department included certified clean room facilities for packaging with high requirement on cleanliness are available. This is in addition to our production under Laminar Flow conditions and for items with high requirements on cleanliness. This investment is part of our strategy to cope with the increasing demands of pharmaceutical customers.

Assembly department

Assembly departmentAssembly department Machinery, which was specially designed to the specific designs of the different products is used for assembling toggle spouts dropper nozzles or liners into closures

  • the assembly machines have built in automatically operating quality checks
  • pharmaceutical products can be assembled under clean conditions
  • experience with all different types of liners, i.e. for induction sealing or special applications


Pad printing of closures and lids with up to 3 colours as well as labelling or specific embossment are available on request.

Application Assistance

Many years of developing for the packaging industries brought a lot of knowledge about filling lines and the application of packaging materials.

Our team of experienced experts offer the following services:

  • Approval of caps or bottles during development, start-up or on-going production
  • Performance-test and approvals i.e of dosing properties, application force, application or removal torque, sealing properties or migration
  • application consultancy to analyse problems on the filling line caused by the cap, the bottle or the equipment to maker proposals for improvements.