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Already in the year 1950 founder Franz Lutzky began to produce plastic packaging items in Kremsmuenster. Technologies used were injection moulding and compression moulding. Also a design department and a mould shop to build the moulds necessary for production of plastic items were part of this new company and still they are part of our philosophy to offer the complete range from design development to production and beyond. The operation started with simple presses as they were the state of the art technology at that times. Closures and caps were already main part of the production programme and became stategic target over time. We supply them to different industries, such as:

In recent years our company concentrated more and more on packaging items for the pharmaceutical industry including health care, which stands currently for more than 70% of our turnover. Decades of experience make our company to a reliable partner for these demanding customers and their specific needs such as GMP. More than 75% exports prove international appreciation. The company is still family owned. Continuous improvement in mould design and production equipment and high standards in quality and service are the base for further development.